Friday, 17 June 2016

How To Fix A Phone That dropped In Water withing 30 Minutes

Hello guys tomorrow is Saturday the day i share most wanting knowledge to the visitors and followers of this blog, the main reason this blog exist is to assist people both young and old in any knowledge the lack, now the knowledge i share here is not for sell and you are welcome to ask any question any time using the comment box and let us know your concern and were you are lacking behind. Ask any question you want about any article you find on this blog.

Today will  be sharing a knowledge that most of us do not know about, a knowledge that can fetch you little cash, a knowledge that can equally save some cash for you.
Have ever been a situation were your phone be it Andriod, Sybian, Java, Windows Phone, iPhone droped in the water and may be you have an important call to receive or make and you are confuse on what to do, then your best option is to find a phone repairer nearby to fix it for you. Well thank God you are here today.
Am going to share a simple toturia on how to fix you phone in just 30munites

Disclaimer: does not take any responsibility for the damage this may cause to your phon. Follow the instructions precisely  pay attention to what you are doing and read beforehand.

How to Fix A phone That Fall Inside Water

  • This are list of what you need get for you to get started
  • A screw Driver
  • A methylated spirit Or diesel (Fuel) 
  • A brush (Tooth Brush)
You Have to be in an expos place were sun can touch the panel after brushing it.

How To Get Started
If your Phone fell inside water quikly follow this step

  1. Quickly pick up your phone and dry it with a dry towel or a water absorbance material.
  2. Remove the Batery.
  3. Gently and carefully dismantle the phone with the screw driver starting from removing the back cover, And also be carefull with your screen before it get cracked.
  4. after removing all the body, carefully separate the panel from the body and screen by removing the led and flex.
  1. Place the screen and body in a safe place and make sure you do not place the screen in the sun
  2. Clean the body (Casing) with a towel.
  3. Now use the brush plus the methylated spirit Or diesel you have by socking the brush with the methylated spirit Or diesel and slowly brush the panel of the phone.
  4. After brushing the panel place it in the sun (Only The Panel) for 5-10.
  5. After carefully couple it back and start making use of it as usual.
Note: Do not leave any screw unfixed and make sure you fix the flex and leds at the right place 
If you have aby question please let us know by commenting in the comment box.

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