Saturday, 25 June 2016

Five Cool Games That Can Help You Relax And Love Your Smart Phone More

Hello guys you are welcome to Home Of Wisdom and Wealth, we are in weekend again the period we rest much and work little.
In today's world games has come along way  in human world and are among the things that makes one feel relaxed after a long day work.

What are the importance

Games comes with some importance and It teaches patience, social interaction, negotiation, strategy, how to win and lose gracefully, mental stimulation, mental and physical confidence, makes you feel relax think faster than you normally do.

Games To Play That Will Help Relax

Billow are my list of games that you can play that will help you relax

  1. Candy Crush: candy crush is a nice game that help you feel relax with it stages and organized gaming environment, you can download candy crush HERE.

  2. Drag Racing Classic: Drag Racing Classic is stress-busting game. In this game, it’s basically all about going as fast as you can. Sounds simple – but it’s really all about shifting gears at exactly the right time. You can download it HERE.

 3. Paper Toss: Paper Toss  is a game for those of you who prefer much simpler games, and this a game play when I just want a way to enter into sort of a meditative state with very little effort. You can download it HERE.

 4. Temple Run 2: Temple run is game that help you memory collective and help your brain function as it ought to, in playing the game you set goal of how you want the game to function by acquiring some coin. You can download Temple Run 2 HERE.

 5. Subway Suf: Subway Suf is more lick temple run but comes with more futures. You can download it HERE.

Make you choice and enjoy your device.

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