Thursday, 5 May 2016

How To Make Your Password Strong And Safe

Day by day thousands and millions of people cries out of their facebook,gmail,yahoomail,hotmail,instagram,twitter or any online account being hacked because of weak password, even our ATM cards . Now the question is ”how strong is your password?”
Today being 5th of May is a day set apart to remind us of how to make our password strong so that we will not be a victim of hackers.


        1 Make your password long because the longer your password is the better.

       2 Always include numbers, alphabet and symbols.

      3 Utilize using only lower case in your password, always add uppercase In your password.

      4 Add words from deferent language to your password, Words from French, Spanish even your local tongue.

       5 Use a word that has no meaning because these hackers are intelligent and knows many words with meanings
      6 Avoid using your phone number, date of birth or your family name.

      7 Always update your password at list once a month.

      8 Avoid sharing your password with any one, even customer services in any organization your are operating, it’s risky.

      9 Avoid written down your password in a place you can’t secure at any point in time.

     10 Always log out after using any public computers and make sure you use a private browser and never forget to clear your histories and cockiess.

      11 Be vigilant any time you are in public so that no one can see you typing in your password even in ATM machine posts.

Hope you learned how to protect your account today because your smiles today can turn to cries tomorrow so be awake and sefe.

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