Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How To Increase Your Android Phone Perfomance

80% of smart phone users are all on android platform, and those that are not yet using android are planning to get one on their next purchase. The question I want to ask us today is “Are we making use of our phone or is our phone making use of us?” I ask this question because android operating system comes with pre-install futures that we can activate with just a click, even if we don’t know much about android operating system we can easily do it because it has been made easy for use to do.
Now if you are not making use of this future am going to show us that means “your phone is making use you “  Am going to show us how to make our android phone to be more faster than we expect from it
What Are Some of the Futures?
It will make it faster.
It will make your gaming amazing and enhance the graphics.
It will make you video more smatter for video lovers.
It will make your android smart phone look very very unique and smatter.

How Can I activate It

Go to your phone settings, scroll down to about phone.

Go to Build number and tap it seven times.

You will get a massage that Developer mood is enable.
Now go to your settings and search for Developer Options.

For android 5.1 Users, go to Advanced Settings.

Then in developer settings be very very careful here because any wrong setting you made here can affect the performance of your phone.
 Under INPUT tick Show Touches and pointer location.

Now Scroll down to MONITORING and Tick show CPU usage.

You can choose other ones but be careful.
These will increase the performance of your phone both the speed and everything will be smarter, and your phone will look like this.

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