Friday, 27 May 2016

Glo Cheap Data Plans For The Month Of May 2016

Today am going to reveal all Glo cheap data plan for this month. Glo lovers take your pen and write down some things.
Without wasting much of our time, if you are looking for a Glo data plan that can serve you well, here it is.

In this post, you’ll find the best Glo (android) data plans in Nigeria at the moment that are “legal” as well reasonable for the price they are being offered.

We talking up to 3GB of data for as low as NGN500.

These plans work everywhere. android, modem, IOS, BB10, you name it!

You see, not everyone has a thousand bucks to shell out for “the internet, some people just want to get things done and move on .
If you are in this clique, then you’d find plans in this category somewhat reasonable here:

1GB – NGN200 (One night stand)

This is by far, one of the cheapest among its peers, but with such a mouthwatering price, there are perks .

This plan works only at night (from 12am – 5am) for just one night!

To subscribe, SMS “60” to “127”.
195MB – NGN500 (24hours).

To subscribe, SMS “10” to “127”
3GB – NGN500 (1 week – night + full weekend)

For NGN500, you get allocated 3GB of data for an entire week, but there are restrictions .

On weekdays (Mon – Fri), the plan only works at night (12am – 5am), but for Saturdays and Sundays, the plan works 24hours.

The plan is only valid for a week
To subscribe, SMS “61” to “127” .

What if you have just a hundred naira, and you need to get something done ?

Well, these plans should work fine for you:

20MB – NGN100 (1 day): SMS “51” to “127”
8MB – NGN50 (1 day): SMS “14” to “127”

For NGN200, you can get 50MB for a week (no holds barred). SMS “56” to “127”.

Top Glo Data Plans under NGN1,000

Now this is where things get interesting .

Plans in this category are basically the classic “1-month data plans but unlike the traditional 200MB you are used to hearing (350MB tops), data allocation for the plans below are as high as 700% the “traditional size!

Enough fluff talk .

These are the plans:


There are no plans actually .

It’s just one plan .

For a thousand naira, you get a data allocation of 1536MB that works anytime, anywhere for one month .

You want in?

Well, just SMS “53” to “127” to subscribe.

In summery.

Data AllocationPriceValidity/RestrictionsSubscription Code

8MBN5024hoursSMS “14” to “127”

20MBN10024hoursSMS “51” to “127”

50MBN2001 week / 24/7SMS “56” to “127”

1GBN2001 night only / (12am – 5am)SMS “60” to “127”

195MBN50024hoursSMS “10” to “127”

3GBN5001 week / (12am – 5am weekdays, full weekend)SMS “61” to “127”

1.5GBN10001 month / 24/7SMS “53” to “127”

Make your choice and enjoy your you mobile phone and computer. But I still recommend Airtel 4GB for N1000, if you are new in this blog, you can check here on how to activate It. Also share your view  below using the comment box .

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