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5 Best Paid VPN For Android Devices

Best 5 Paid Andriod VPN

In this article, we are going to take a look at Best VPNs for Android devices in 2016. we know that a lot of people want to protect themselves against the many very serious modern-day security risks around. Cybercrime or computer crime
A pleasant news for Android users is that despite Apple’s traditional reputation as the most stable and secure ‘mainstream’ operating system when it comes to VPN compatibility, Android is streaks ahead and has nice and trusted VPN for your security sake.
Somewhat misleadingly, the open source nature of Android is often used as a reason to explain why there are more vulnerabilities attacking Android than iOS.
While in some regards, it is true that malicious app makers can make ‘bad’ apps that slip through the net unchecked. What is also true, is that open source means that the programming that makes the app work can be checked and verified to ensure that it is doing what it claims to do. As such, despite the massive amounts of unverified apps that are out there. As long as you stick to tried and tested apps from the official GooglePlay store- you should be able to avoid any problems.

What is  CiberCrime Or Computer Crime

Ciber or computer crime is crime that involves a computer and computer and a network.
Its an offence that are commited against individual or group of individual with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm

Why You Use VPN

it's true that open source is recognised as being more desirable, Android smartphones can still fall prey to phishing attacks in emails, or malware infected websites. With a VPN, even if this happens, your data is encrypted meaning that your password, your digital footprint remains safe. With a VPN for Android, you afford for yourself a little more privacy than the ‘unprotected’ majority – of millions of smartphone users.
Because of the ‘oportunism’ that often lurks behind social hacking techniques these days, by making yourself protected, you make yourself part of the protected minority. With the vast majority of people choosing not to take any care, you make yourself highly unlikely to be ‘hit’ by a cyber attack (or at least much less likely to be hit). After all, why rob the house with the lasers, trip wires, alarms and guard dogs? When the house next door has the door open!?

Best Paid VPN



VyprVPN Logo
$7.99 / monthVisit Site


ExpressVPN Logo
$8.32 / monthVisit Site


IPVanish Logo
$6.49 / monthVisit Site


PrivateInternetAccess Logo
$3.33 / monthVisit Site


SaferVPN Logo
$7.50 / monthVisit Site

its a vital consideration when choosing a vpn provider, VyprVPN is well equipped to handle your needs and has an extensive choivece of servers located in the worldwide.
Espress VPN is Fantastic option that gives a top trusted security to your and device, and it ranges top on paid VPN services. its known for it compability with Android, high performance client software, with open VPN option. The bast part is that Express VPN does not keep usage logs.

IPVanish is one of the biggest VPN providers on Thw market and has great option for users across all Platforms Including Andriod. Its that becuaause first there are top notch connection speeds. with IPVansh, you you benefit from great network architecture and a unique content delivery system and its very nice with servers location in more than 60 locations around the world.

Private Internet Access PIA
PIA has over 15 years of experience in the VPN bussiness and offer aditional feature like IPv6 Proctection and a vpn kill switch. Wether you are streaming media content, surfing the web or keeping in touch with relatives on any social app using Andriod devices you are going to want high speed VPN and private internet acces PIA is the best option.

SaferVPN is a proffesional Lookking and easy to use VPN service with servers in a high proportion of countries and really above standard connection speeds. its attitude to customer data and commitment to a censordhip free we id commendable, and its free trial and easy access to bassic lavel customer spport make it very accessible to new users. 

you can click visit site to get any VPN of your choice
On my nest post on andriod VPN, i will show us list of free VPN for And Phone.
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